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    4 simple core exercise to keep you centered and solid in the middle!
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    I wanted to wrap up with 5-minute plank challenge by relaying a deeply important principle that I learned (or RE-learned, for that matter!) The fi...
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    Have you been faithfully practicing the 5-Minute Plank but having trouble breaking through the 5-Minute ceiling? I have to admit, when we started ...
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    Last week I read an article and it motivated me. And I got so curious that I decided to make it my own personal challenge for the month. It's str...
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    Seems like there are so many exercise routines out there. And sometimes we just need something simple that we can do every day. The 10 to 1 exercis...
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    Have you ever been frustrated by New Year's resolutions? Starting many but never really sticking to them? Well Traü Tribe member Charles Scheinblu...
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    Many of you have most likely been doing pushups for quite some time. Pushups are one of the ultimate natural body-weight exercises.  But did yo...
  • 3 Easy Eating Tips for the Holidays

    Lots of us stay in great shape for 10 months and then November and December roll around and we lose our way. The holidays can be such an enjoyabl...
  • How to Make a Home Gym Out of A Rope and a Sheet

    How you can make a simple home gym from some rope or even and everyday bedsheet.
  • 5 Things You Need in Workout Underwear

    Not all underwear are the same, you're going to need these 5 things in your workout underwear.
  • Join Us for the #100PushupChallenge!

    Keep it simple, get stronger, come together as a community.
  • Are you working out on the INSIDE?

    A daily practice for TRULY getting the most out of your workout.