The goods on the inside

Mike Patterson - Founder, Traü


Bamboo / Spandex is silky smooth and a sustainable solution over typical Cotton or polyester/spandex materials.

locally sourced

All materials are sourced locally in the San Francisco Bay Area.  We work with suppliers who are working to remain as sustainable and eco-conscious as possible.

simple care

Simply machine wash cold and tumble dry low. Bamboo is great with wear and tear and will take care of your derriere!


The Bamboo / Spandex mix that makes up your pair of Traü will naturally pill some with time.  That's normal.  Traü are like your flannel sheets, they will wear in and get more comfortable with time.  Kinda like all of us, getting better with time!  That is...until we need something new, then you can just click the button below and get a new pair!