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We 💚 Planet earth

We make Traü from the highest quality, most eco-friendly materials on Earth - so soft, so good! CHECK OUT OUR KICKSTARTER

Handmade in the SF Bay Area

We handcraft Traü right here in the good old U.S.A. CHECK OUT OUR KICKSTARTER

What guys are saying:

"I’m looking at my collection of other underwear brands and can’t wait to toss them all when I can get my hands on more Traü !"
- Dan O., Leavenworth, WA

"I will now stand behind my pulpit and preach the gospel of Traü to anyone willing to listen."
- Zach D. LA, CA

"They instantly became my favorite pair of workout underwear. Unbelievably soft (like, insanely soft), held in place during an intense workout, and helped me stay cool."
- Sam B., SF, CA 

"These are without a doubt the most comfortable underwear I own."
- Steven S., Moraga, CA

Traü Tribe Athletic Underwear

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