#5MinutePlank Tips for the Faithful

Have you been faithfully practicing the 5-Minute Plank but having trouble breaking through the 5-Minute ceiling?

I have to admit, when we started the #5minuteplankchallenge, I thought it was a cute thing to do. I read this article and it motivated me. I got curious and posed the challenge to the Traü Tribe and jumped in, not thinking much of it.

At first it was REALLY hard.

I got to 2.5 minutes, then 3...and then hung around that time for a bit. To be honest, it was more of a mental challenge than anything else. Really sitting there and holding plank for 5 minutes...that's a long time.

A couple weeks ago, I pushed through the 5 minute mark and am getting there now with relative ease.

My shoulders were screaming, my body was shaking but I just held it...and I broke through the 5 minute ceiling. And since then I've done over 5 minutes every day.

It speaks to setting goals.

It speaks to pushing through despite the pain.

It speaks to just doing something because you said you would do it - keeping your word. Things we seems to so easily blow off and brush aside nowadays.

And here's the biggest silver lining:
I've had back issues for 15 years following a surfing accident in 2007. Since then I've looked for all sorts of cures - massage, acupuncture, chiropractic and they've all helped...

But since I've been doing the 5-minute planks daily, my back has never felt better. My core is noticeably stronger and my back feels sturdy, stable and agile. A simple exercise like holding plank has SIGNIFICANTLY improved my back.

Small things, done daily can yield incredible results.

And growth takes incremental steps and small adjustments.

So here's a tip if you're struggling to get over a plateau with the 5-Minute plank:

When your shoulders start to get tired and you feel you can't hold the weight any longer pull your hands and forearms toward the center of your body as if trying to resist someone pulling you forward by the arms.

At the same time, pull the energy up your legs toward your core.

Your core will engage, tighten and release the tension in your shoulders.

I've noticed as I engage my core by pulling my hands and forearms towards my body its increased my endurance and allowed me to go all the way to the 5-minute mark.

Try this little tip and let us know how it's helping in the comments.

Keep getting stronger, keep building together!

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