Lessons from the #5-MinutePlank Challenge

I wanted to wrap up with 5-minute plank challenge by relaying a deeply important principle that I learned (or RE-learned, for that matter!)

The first "self-help" book I ever read was The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People by Steven Covey.

One of Covey's seven habits was "making first things first" - building your life around your highest priority and making sure this center was aligned and solid.

I was reminded of this teaching as I wrapped up a month of doing a 5-minute plank 5X a week.

I realized that everything else I was doing physically was improved through the core strength generated by the 5-minute plank.

• My pushups were better and even easier.
• Situps...forget about it, I've been KILLING situps!
• I even started to do handstands again because my core was so solid.

The 5-minute plank really locked in my core strength, and as a result, everything else improved.

My core, my center, is now solid, strengthened and in alignment. It is my focus and everything else has exponentially improved.

So what are you putting at your center, at your core?

And is everything else strengthening and improving as a result?

Are you focused in the right areas and is that focus lifting everything else to a new level?

Don't get me wrong, once you have that focus it WILL be challenging, it WILL be tough, and you WILL want to quit, but that's how you get stronger.

You push yourself, you endure, and you come out stronger because your focus is in the right place.

Keep your focus at your center everything else will strengthen and eventually flow!

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