What the hell are "Zero Days"?

Have you ever been frustrated by New Year's resolutions? Starting many but never really sticking to them?

Well Traü Tribe member Charles Scheinblum has a fantastic alternative. In his own words:

"I've tried different New Year’s resolutions with varying success, some work (marathons, flossing) some don’t (I still can’t play piano). Rather than set a specific goal for the whole year in January,  I’m just going to simplify it with a more flexible commitment of one hour a day of some kind of self improvement. I got self-inking stamp and an annual calendar and wrote ‘No Zero Days’ as a reminder at the top. We’ll see how it worked out in 355 days. An hour is only 4% of the day, so it’s easier than it sounds to find the time. So far I’ve been using my rowing machine a lot, taking a course in voiceover, and working in some meditation."

Traü No Zero Days

So if you're feeling intimidated by a New Year's resolution or have given up on yours already, give "No Zero Days" a shot. It's a simple and achievable alternative.

If you want to thank Charles for the inspiration, you can find him on Instagram here!

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