Try This Simple Workout to Get Into Summer Shape

With summer coming up quickly, it's time for us to shed our winter weight, get back on the exercise train and get ready to break out the swimsuits.

I have a high school reunion coming up in a few weeks so I'm kicking in the A-game and getting active.

I ALSO recently came back from one of my men's retreats and remembered the power of bodyweight exercises so I'm going do 5 workouts a week this month, including the one below when I don't get to the gym.

Here's what's on the docket:


So here's the workout in summary:

  • 10 to 1 exercise with jumping jacks, pushups, mountain climbers and bodyweight squats
  • 5-minute plank
  • 100 pushups (doesn't have to be all at once)
  • 7 minute core workout

All of this can be done from the comfort of your own home and it will certainly get the heart rate going!

It's time to get busy people so let's kick it into gear and shed some of that winter weight.

The beaches of summer will thank us for it!

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