Traü partners with the Harvard Varsity Club!

This has been a while in the making but we're very excited to announce our most recent partnership with the Harvard Varsity Club!

I don't often publicize the fact that I went to Harvard (well, mostly because of this) but Traü WAS inspired by an undergarment I wore as football player at Harvard so when the Harvard Varsity Club reached out about the partnership, I jumped on the opportunity!

For a little more of the backstory, the inspiration for Traü came from an undergarment athletes wore under practice gear and game uniforms called "U-Trow".

Equipment managers Chet and Artie held them very close to their chests and only gave each athlete one pair per season (except for the very lucky few - of which I was not one!).

After I graduated, I couldn't find anything as good as U-Trow so I reinvented them and Traü was born!

So it's come full circle, and we're going back to our roots with this fantastic collaboration with the Harvard Varsity Club.

Thank you Harvard Varsity Club, we're excited about this partnership!

Check out the collaboration at the HVC Marketplace, and grab yourself some Traü while you're there.


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