Lessons from SF: This Life is a Marathon

We just finished sponsoring a booth at the San Francisco Marathon and what an event it was (see pictures below)! I've never been a runner myself, but I'm always amazed at the fact that people can run 5, 10, 13.1, 26.2 miles! I was struck by how many people were flowing through the building this past weekend, picking up their bibs for the race. After (Wo)manning the booth for 2 days, I started to notice a pattern - people would say, "I'm ONLY running the the 5k" or "I'm ONLY running the 1/2", to which I would answer...."ONLY??" :)

We can be so tough on ourselves, I know I can be especially hard on myself. The voice inside my head saying I'm not doing enough, not working hard enough, not getting enough done.

But here's the point people...we're all in the race. And life, work and relationships are ALL marathons. And we are all in this race together, not just trying to get to the finish line (because in the end, there's only ONE finish line for us all), but learning to find grace, compassion and a little fun along the way. And we're all in the same race, the HUMAN race...and it's no "race" at all, it's a journey of discovery, both inside and out. One that we are meant to approach with as much love, compassion and support as we can possibly give to ourselves and our fellow runners.

Let's work on remembering this as the actual marathon ends. Here at Traü we're all about community and building community. Let's continue to build supportive communities that are healthy, active and loving. And keep on keeping on, in this, the only race we have to run...




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  • Beautiful sentiment and well said!


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