Sometimes You Just Need to Hit ⏸️ !

I've spent the last two weeks recovering from COVID.

Getting a lot of rest, eating well, taking my vitamins and drinking a lot of water. It's been a major reset and of course I've been exercising a lot less.

Which concerned me at first.

But then I realized I'm not training for a triathlon...or a marathon.

And you know what?

After two week's rest from physical activity, my body feels a lot better.

I was on a serious workout kick, getting to the gym 3-4 times a week and doing my weekly stair workouts but my knees were starting to ache and my back felt a couple degrees away from going out again.

You may say that I've been doing too many of the wrong exercises, and you'd have a case (I AM going to start doing more passive exercises like yoga and bodyweight workouts) but I also just simply needed a break. 

Getting some much needed outdoor golf downtime with my boy Bryan
Traü Golf

Because we all need breaks now and then. As a matter of fact, what we really need is balance. And the elements of that balance change every year.

We need yearly reset periods to get out of our patterns. We need to pause so we can see what we really need.

Yet we get caught up in the momentum of life and forget this, I know I do.

I've been saying that COVID has been the great psychological pause, the great reset, where we all get to re-examine our priorities.

But now after catching it and going through it for two weeks, I'm realizing it's a great PHYSICAL reset as well, allowing me to reassess physically and determine what's best for me right now.

I'm fortunate to have the strength and health to come through COVID AND physically challenging times can get us down to what's essential.

The pauses can be a huge blessing because they get us back to basics, back to what is most important and most helpful right now.

What basics do you have to get back to this week?

What does your body REALLY need?

Slow down and ask yourself, the answers are in the pause.

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