Give Someone Your Blessing Today

I've invited my good friend Dr. Michael Diamond from IgKnight the King to share periodically on our blog and this week, I wanted to share a video he did recently about giving blessing.

Not only is Michael a fellow birthday brother (we share the same 7/7 birthday!) but he has deep, insightful points of view and the state of men in our world today.

Dr. Michael Diamond


Michael dives into the power of giving and receiving blessing and how slowing down, pausing, taking a breath and giving blessing is something that is so very important for all men to assimilate and include in our lives.

Michael has built an incredible body of work around the four male archetypes - Lover, Magician, Warrior, King - and leads men, including me, in that work through his group called IGKnight the King.

Take 7 minutes out of your day and dig in here with Michael on this very important topic.

And more importantly, after you've watched it, reach out to someone who could use your blessing!

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