Forget About Your New Years Resolutions!

This is always the time of year that we start to hear about resolutions, turning over a new leaf, new year, new you...blah, blah. blah.

Are you as tired of that bulls**t as I am??

The problem I have with this paradigm is that it's short-term oriented and based on a negative assumption. Meaning it's based on something you HAVEN'T been doing.

I learned something in management many years ago - rather than try to build skills that you DON'T have (which is important, don't get me wrong) why not double down on the things you're GOOD at instead?

So I would ask you, rather than focusing on resolutions, why don't you focus on your COMMITMENTS?

Why don't you focus on the areas of your life where you're already doing the work and can double down?

In these areas where your commitments really matter, how can you add fuel to the fire?

In the past two years, I've been focusing on these major bucket: health, relationship, family, finances and life mission.

And these are some of my commitments for each in 2023:

Physical health: workout at least 3x per week and attend a yoga or pilates class at least 1x per week.

Relationship: Do the Gottman 8 Dates throughout the year, making sure to do them all by Dec. 31 2023.

Family: connect with a family and have a REAL conversation at least 1x per week.

Financial: get my gross income level to over $XXk per month by the end of June 2023.

Mission: write Traü Tips 1x per week and enroll in a master's level education program by EOY 2023.

These are the major areas of commitment in my life and some of the things I'm doing in each area.

By putting down real actions and remaining committed to them, I KNOW my life and the lives of those around me will vastly improve.

What are your commitments in 2023?

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