Do you really need to compromise in relationships?

The concept of compromise has always bothered me, especially in relationships.

Not because I'm stubborn (well, sometimes I am... 😁)

But because I always thought it implied compromising my identity for someone else.

And what kind of healthy relationship would encourage me to compromise myself.

I've always heard it said that relationships are about compromise.

But I don't believe that's true.

I believe that healthy relationships are about maintaining the proper polarity, so that connection can remain vibrant.

When you think of polarity, you might think of two sides of a battery or a magnet.

The poles must remain at a healthy distance but remain connected for energy to emerge from that connection.

To me, this paints a picture of a healthy relational dynamic.

It's about maintaining the proper distance and creating polarity so that the proper energy can flow between the two poles.

Not too close, not too far...but the right distance.

A healthy distance must be maintained for the proper charge and energy to sustain.

Two poles of a battery or a magnet don't compromise themselves to maintain the charge or the magnetic attraction. They simply remain at the proper distance so that energy can flow between them.

You want to talk about the law of attraction?

Well, here's a good starting point.

Are you too close or too far to maintain a healthy polarity, a powerful connection?

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