Take Baby Steps on Your Way to Atomic Habits

Last Traü Tip, we talked about James Clear's Atomic Habits and how his book sheds light on our habitual patterns.

Clear says things like:

• "You don't rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems."

• "A habit must be established before it can be improved."

• "Build your habits around the person you want to become."

• "There's a big difference between motion and action, planning can be a form of procrastination."

• "Start habits with small steps and make them manageable, don't start too big."

Atomic Habits - Small Steps

So to kick off Spring, I wanted to focus on this last piece of advice - starting small.

I've recently been struggling with eating at night.

I typically have a great meal with my girlfriend around 7ish and then we polish off the meal with a tasty piece of chocolate.

It's the perfect topper but I've found that about 30 minutes later, I want more sweets!

So I run into the kitchen and grab more chocolate or get a bowl of granola and some fruit. Well, this negative atomic habit has been wreaking havoc on my sleep.

To counteract it however, I've implemented a very simple positive Atomic Habit - I brush my teeth after the meal and the small piece of chocolate.

After brushing my teeth, I no longer want to eat and go through the hassle of brushing them again.

This one small habitual change has made a world of difference for my metabolism and my sleep.

So see if you can flip the script in your life and find an unhealthy habit that can be countered by a healthy one.

  • Grab a non-alcoholic drink next time you're at the store and not an alcoholic one.
  • Get a coffee substitute like MUD/WTR and try that once a day rather than 3 coffees.
  • Grab a fruit to snack rather than getting those potato chips at the store.

Baby steps y'all, remember it's the small things that make big changes!

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