An Apropos Poem When Starting a New Business

I found this poem quite apropos given the state I'm in while starting a new business.  I can pay attention to the gaps, to the spaces in between AND the observations that happen while in between trains!

Mind the Gap

The sign on the platform
of the London underground
reads: Mind the gap.
The phraseology –
so polite,
so formal,
so British –
made me smile
when I saw it
for the first time.
Now, I am listening to
Tibetan Buddhist teacher
Pema Chodron speaking
about the bardos of
life, death and after death.
She says the definition
of bardo is gap,
the in-between state,
And so, I recall the instruction
on that London
underground platform,
revealing the most profound
of teachings.
Mind the gap.

- Maya Spector

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