5 Things You Need in Workout Underwear

The other day I went on my weekly stair workout here in SF at the famed Lyon Street Stairs. Instead of putting on my workout sunglasses that I normally wear, I threw on a pair of designer sunglasses that my girlfriend gave (she works for a GREAT designer sunglass company called RAEN - shameless plug, check them out). 

RAEN are fantastic, they're awesome sunglasses, but as I was working out, they started fogging up, they started slipping off my face and the sun started to glare through into my eyes.

They are great sunglasses, but they're not built for workouts.

And it got me to thinking, there are a lot of great underwear brands out there...


We built Traü specifically for your workouts so we wanted to tell you 5 things that you need in your WORKOUT underwear:

1. Length
If you work out on a regular basis, you realize that your underwear length is crucial. Shorter underwear with a 5" or less inseam will ride up, bunch up and be outright uncomfortable. Your workout underwear must be longer and have at least a 7" inseam.

2. Materials
Cotton is probably the worst material for underwear. It doesn't actively absorb moisture, it doesn't dry fast and it's not odor resistant. Your workout underwear must be made from materials that are odor resistant, water-wicking and fast drying. Of course we prefer bamboo!

bamboo Traü

3. Waistband
Thin waistbands will wear out, sag and start to fail after a small amount of washes. Make sure your waistband is sturdy as well as absorbent and soft - we prefer jacquard elastic or microfiber elastic.

Traü waistband

4. Durability
You're going to wash your workout underwear a lot more than your regular underwear so your workout underwear MUST be well constructed using durable flat-lock stitching and materials that can take a beating...again, like the bamboo we use!

traü workout

5. Actual separate undergarment
Please don't tell us your workout shorts have a liner so you're covered...please! Those liners are typically flimsy and will wear out faster than your shorts, then you'll just have to cut them out. Get some workout underwear already!

Traü underwear

Keep your eyes on these 5 things when you're looking for some new skivvies for your workout and remember, your workout deserves the best!

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